Real Estate News:
It"s tough to be a homebuyer in Seattle
5/16/2018 11:09 AM
Home prices have risen so quickly in Seattle that it"s created an affordability problem. Who"s to blame?...Read More
Are you ready to buy a home?
4/26/2018 9:34 AM
Read full story for latest details....Read More
What will your monthly mortgage payment be?
2/2/2015 9:53 AM
In the market for a new home? Or planning to refinance? Find out what your monthly payment will be....Read More
Home Depot"s sluggish sales may be warning sign for housing
5/15/2018 10:01 AM
Home Deport reported sales growth that missed Wall Street"s forecasts. The company specifically cited a "slow start" to spring as a problem. Bad weather did hurt sales. But rising mortgage rates might be a bigger problem going forward....Read More
Even rising mortgage rates won"t stop homebuyers
4/25/2018 12:05 PM
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Home prices are on an epic run
4/24/2018 11:37 AM
Real estate prices posted an annual gain of 6.3% in February, and have been rising continuously for the past 70 months....Read More
Was my home a good investment?
11/5/2013 10:10 AM
Calculate the return on your home and how it compares to returns on stocks, bonds and overall home prices....Read More
How these hurricane-ravaged states have avoided a housing disaster -- so far
4/22/2018 9:09 AM
An expected deluge of hurricane-related foreclosures has so far been avoided, thanks in part to new provisions by federal agencies and regulations imposed after the financial crisis....Read More
5 ways to afford your first home
4/19/2018 8:43 AM
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London"s property market is in a coma
4/12/2018 7:12 AM
London experienced years of booming property prices. But the market has now ground to a halt....Read More

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