3 Reasons to order with James Earp Appraisal Service online

Order online with James Earp Appraisal Service

In today's on-the-go society it's not unusual to order nearly everything online, and this website is no different. At James Earp Appraisal Service we're always pleased to take your appraisal request over the phone or even a fax. But were you aware that placing your order from our website is mutually advantageous?

Secure appraisal ordering is not a problem with James Earp Appraisal Service.

Order today

It saves both of us time

In the past we would have had to retype all the property and assignment details from your order.. Currently by ordering electronically we can easily import the property details into our appraisal software. When you order an appraisal online with James Earp Appraisal Service, you also receive status updates on the report whenever you want them, around the clock - putting an end to the annoying phone tag.

Communicate more effectively

When you order electronically with James Earp Appraisal Service, you get an instant email notification that your appraisal order was received. We can even receive texts alerting us the job request arrived and respond to you instantly, even when we are away from the office. No more wondering if the request was received! Any time a milestone is reached on the assignment — appointment set, inspection complete, etc. — it's updated instantly and automatically on our website, and you can know promptly where the order is in the process.

Reports are delivered instantly and more securely

When your appraisal report is finished, we send you an email with a technology called SureReceipts. Using SureReceipts gives us the ability to upload a PDF version of your report to a secure area of our website. Our website will then send you an automated email that lets you know the report is ready, and gives you a hyperlink to follow to download your appraisal report. Email systems can refuse emails with large attachments like an appraisal PDF containing many forms and digital photos. Delivering the report through SureReceipts assures you'll never deal with size limitations againThis delivery method ensures the appraisal attachment isn't too large for your email system and also lets you download the report again should you need it.

Questioning if a request went through is a thing of the past. No more uncertainty if the appraisal appointment has been set, or the inspection is done. No more uncertainty where your report is! All of these were valid problems not too long ago. Today, ordering online gives you peace of mind so you'll worry less.